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Interpon ACE Range

The ultimate powder coating for heavy-duty challenges

When your machinery demands the best protection against the harshest conditions, there's the Interpon ACE range. Designed for the diverse challenges of the agriculture and construction equipment (ACE) market, this product range offers unbeatable protection. Whether your vehicles operate for the purpose of agriculture, construction, or the demanding world of mining, our powder coatings ensure your machinery stays protected and looks impeccable. At Interpon, we believe in providing solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Dive into our portfolio and discover how our powder coatings can improve the toughness and appearance of your equipment.

Products in this range

This polyester-based powder coating series is not just about aesthetics; it's about function. Designed to be both decorative and functional, it guarantees light and weather resistance with just a single coat on a variety of substrates. With exceptional protective qualities, it offers outstanding transfer efficiency and penetrates even the trickiest of areas, thanks to its superior Faraday cage performance. It can also be tailored to match your company's signature color and deliver the standard durability you expect. Consistently offering high UV stability, protective qualities, and mechanical performance, it's clear why the Interpon ACE 500 stands out.

Disclaimer: Available in EMEA and Asia.

Engineered specifically for exterior components, the Interpon ACE 1000 range is a highly durable polyester topcoat, catering to both your functional and aesthetic needs. This range offers exceptional resistance against chemicals, corrosion, and daily wear and tear, ensuring your vehicle operates at its peak. Meanwhile, the unparalleled color retention, be it in high, medium gloss, or matt finishes, ensures your vehicle remains appealing throughout the year. In short, Interpon ACE 1000 ensures that while your machinery works hard, it looks great doing it. 

The Interpon ACE 2000 range is tailored for those who prioritize unmatched protection and performance. With its super durability topcoats, this range provides robust protection for your machinery against the challenges of UV rays and weather. Moreover, its ability to resist corrosion enhances the resell value in the second-hand vehicle market. Available in high, medium gloss, or matt finishes, and thoroughly tested in the most demanding environments, Interpon ACE 2000 ensures that your heavy equipment remains in top condition, always ready to perform. 

Interpon ACE Low-E is more than just any topcoat. It’s an innovation specifically engineered to cater sustainability needs. It can cure at a much lower temperature. But that's not all; it's also built to cure faster, accelerating powder coating line speed and ramping up production volumes. With varied durability levels, Interpon ACE Low-E ensures machinery and equipment continue to shine and perform, no matter how tough the challenge. When paired with a primer, Interpon ACE Low-E guarantees unmatched corrosion protection. It's truly the ideal choice for manufacturers aiming to reduce their energy costs and level up their sustainability game.

When it comes to heavy-duty vehicles and equipment, various factors can speed up corrosion, from how the machinery is used to the environment it's in. Choosing the right primer is essential. Interpon ACE primers are formulated to meet OEM specifications, offering robust protection against threats like salt spray and chemical corrosion. When combined with a topcoat, this system delivers excellent weather resistance, humidity control, and resilience against impact damage. For those looking for advanced corrosion protection, we also have standard primer options within our Interpon Redox system that provide maximum longevity, even in the harshest C4 or C5 corrosive conditions.

Developed by our experienced team, the Interpon HT powder coatings range is designed to protect and enhance the appearance of metal surfaces exposed to high temperatures, such as a vehicle’s exhaust pipes. It can withstand temperatures between 200°C (392°F) and 550°C (1022°F), ensuring the vehicle’s components remain protected without any loss of color stability. They stay fully resistant to delamination, corrosion, and cracking, even under the most rigorous conditions. Interpon HT is a trusted choice for those seeking durable, heat-resistant powder coat options that not only perform but also maintain their aesthetic appeal under extreme conditions.

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