Ambassade de Canada

When relocating the Canadian Embassy and Cultural Centre to the 8th Arrondissement of Paris in view of the Champs Élysée and the world's largest fashion houses, you have to elegantly blend history and modernity with a touch of French style. The architects have done just that. They have created a monumental four-meter deep, double-height entrance using traditional Canadian Tyndall stone. On either side, rising to the first floor, panels in a decorative vegetal motif are lacquered with finely textured Interpon D2525 Futura Manganese Sablé. Futura helps blend the modernity of the new façade with the building's historic Hussain architecture – and a touch of joie de vivre!

© Groupement VIGUIER (architecte mandataire) / Julian Smith (Julian Smith Architects), Sam Cox (Affaires mondiales Canada) / Artelia Copyright photo : Takuji Shimmura


Product Series                           Color Collection
Interpon D2000                           Futura

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