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Automotive Powder Coatings 

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Experts in Automotive powder coatings

AkzoNobel has a range of high performance automotive powder coatings across its Interpon and Resicoat brands that enhance and protect every part of a vehicle, conventional or electric, inside or out, for the parts that you can see, and the parts that you can’t.

See how AkzoNobel's range is the world’s most recognized line of OEM approved powder coatings.

Global approvals icon

Global approvals

Our products are tested to not only meet global standards, but exceed the highest standards set by the world’s leading OEMs. 
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Outstanding performance 

For both design aesthetics and protective performance, our automotive powder coatings are the best performing powder coatings on the market for conventional and electric vehicles. 
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Constant innovation 

Our coatings not only protect the conventional vehicles of today, but are also accelerating the development of the electric vehicles of tomorrow by constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 
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Proven partnership 

Having a global footprint supports our position as a global leader, recognized and recommended by professionals across the world for the consistency in performance and color of our automotive powder coatings.

Application areas

Our Resicoat and Interpon automotive powder coating brands can be applied to various parts of an electric vehicle, notably to offer superior electrical insulation and thermal management properties to protect batteries, motors and associated electric systems such as energy storage systems. 

Aluminum wheels need superior levels of protection. But they also add style to a vehicle’s design. Combining our primer and clearcoat powder coatings with our liquid basecoats delivers a ‘OneWheel’ solution to enhance the aesthetic quality of the wheels they protect. 

A wide range of parts relating to the powertrain and suspension modules protected by an Interpon automotive powder coatings can withstand any challenge. Whether it’s a potential damage from the corrosive effect of fuel or battery acid or general wear and tear, Interpon provides your first line of defense. 

Our powder coatings provide the finish and protection that car bodies and trim need, underpinned by the proven benefits of UV durability and superior smoothness and levelling. The coatings are available in high gloss black topcoats, soft matts and metallic effects, and offer excellent levels of abrasion and humidity resistance.

Providing excellent levels of durability, superior functionality, and a high-quality aesthetic finish, our automotive powder coatings bring a touch of class, performance and application for vehicles on two wheels or three.

With excellent levels of corrosion resistance and outstanding durability to protect against the damaging effects of UV light, we have developed a range of powder coating primers and topcoats specifically for specifically for chassis and body components of trucks, trailers and buses.

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Take the lead and enhance and protect your vehicles with our full range of automotive powder coating solutions.

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Discover our dedicated range of specialist powder coatings to support the very specific needs of an electric future. 

OEM approvals for Interpon automotive coatings

At Interpon, we thoroughly test our products so you and your customers can be sure that your vehicle will not only look brilliant but is also backed by a range of OEM approvals where the best is only just good enough.

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