Collection Futura 2022-2025 – Interpon

Futura your world

The Futura Collection is so much more than simply a range of exciting colors. Futura is an emotion, a collection that inspires a feeling of tranquillity and peace, of thoughtfulness and healing, bringing balance to buildings and projects for years to come.

Three new palettes, a world of beauty

Through its three new color palettes - Merging Worlds, Healing Nature, and Soft Abstraction - Futura reminds us of our connection to the natural beauty that surrounds us. Designed by the experts at our Global Aesthetics Centre, the heart of our trend analysis and color expertise, Futura envelops us in a warm and comforting blanket of calm, safe in the knowledge that our creations, and our world, are now better protected.
Merging Worlds
To design the global buildings of the future, it helps to reflect the beauty of the past. Using deep, crimson reds and subtle browns, the Merging Worlds palette elevates authentic materials like brick and metallic finishes to create a bold and powerful statement. Building on warm, rich tones, Merging Worlds plays on the theme of traditional craftmanship from across the globe, creating comforting finishes that capture the style past with a nod to the future.

Healing Nature
With a renewed focus on health and wellbeing, Healing Nature provides the chance to reconnect with the world and find the balance to contrast our busy lives. The trend showcases a range of natural shades – greens and earthy tones, organic shapes and unrefined patterns – that provide a grounding quality to bring us, and our architectural designs, closer to the surrounding environment bringing a sense of tranquility and calm.

Soft Abstraction
Driven by the power of contemplation, the colors cover a beautiful range of neutral, soft tones and fine metallics. Bring vitality and health to open spaces, laying the foundations for people to connect and recharge. It’s the chance to escape the everyday and move to a brighter world, with a more colorful sense of community and purpose.

Access to world-leading trend analysis and color expertise
The Global Aesthetic Center in Amsterdam has been supporting our markets and customers around the world for more than 25 years. Led by Heleen van Gent, the creative team works to ensure that every market has the information and inspiration it needs to help customers choose the right colors for their creations - colors that will not only be on trend now, but also stand the test of time. We recognize that color is a serious business. Colors help build reputations and enable you to stand out on the global stage, which is why our wide-ranging research and trend monitoring never stops. We work with acclaimed international design experts to share social, cultural and design insights - insights we then translate into our Futura Collection 2022 – 2025.

Building a sustainable future
A building that lasts longer is, by definition, more sustainable. That’s why we ensure that the Futura Collection has excellent durability as a standard, meaning there are fewer materials and chemicals required to clean, maintain, or repair your creation throughout its lifetime. The collection is also backed by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), confirming that the raw materials, manufacture and transportation have been assessed by an independent third-party to confirm the collection’s sustainability credentials. It’s all part of a wider sustainability commitment from Interpon and AkzoNobel we call People. Planet. Paint. And it shows how the Interpon Futura Collection is not just helping to imagine the future, it is also protecting it.
Creating futures that last
Extending the useful life of a building or product is determined by the durability and performance the powder coating can deliver. That’s why we’ve designed the new collection to deliver exceptional superdurability to provide the highest levels of gloss retention, color stability and UV resistance to limit chalking. And with the backing of up to 25-years warranty* and Qualicoat Class 2, AAMA2604 and GSB Master certifications, Futura enables buildings to stand tall as symbols of our past, present and future.

*up to 25 years global warranty on the coating performance when applied by an Interpon D approved applicator

Find out more about how The Interpon Futura Collection can inspire your future thinking and Futura Your World here.