Although having to jostle for space with the other office tower blocks on Sao Paulo’s prime address of Rua Hungria, overlooking the Jockey Club, Paddock 1 (like its sister building, Paddock 2) gives the impression of being larger than it is. Partly this is due to its tiered structure (creating the illusion of greater height), partly to the expansive use of glass separated by broad, white, width inducing bands. The building’s strong geometric lines and balanced volumes of shape in the glass-walled side extensions, has a feel of the art deco era while its cruise liner colors of white (concrete) and blue (tinted glass) give a hint of luxury and glamour. From the ninth floor, each of the gla ss-walled side extensions has floors with double-height ceilings allowing wonderful panoramic views of the Jockey Club and the Marginal Pinheiros River while the top levels of each extension provide open-air terraces. Although squeezed in to narrow spaces, the strong profile and bold use of glass ensure both these buildings stand out.

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Building name:
Paddock 1 and Paddock 2

Smooth gloss

Sergio Assumpcao

Type of Building:
Large Commercial (retail /offices)

Year applied:

Coated parts:
Windows & Doors

Sao Paulo