Powder coatings must conform to demanding performance criteria for furniture articles.

For an extended life time it is crucial to protect the furniture with high scratch resistance, mar resistance, UV durable and corrosion protection coating.

AkzoNobel have developed a dedicated range of powder products for the furniture industry which have specific performance attributes. Our furniture coatings are designed for use on a variety of substrates including metal, MDF and glass. The Interpon range has unique properties including superior scratch resistance, outstanding levels of exterior durability and easy to clean anti-graffiti coatings.

The Interpon range offers different finishes that are in fashion. It offers a bold and vibrant color palette in gloss, matt and textured finishes to meet the latest fashion trends. Our metallic shades provide a sustainable alternative to the chrome plating process.

Interpon powder coatings are used on the following furniture articles:

  • Metal tables and chairs
  • Outdoor seating
  • Office furniture and storage
  • Book shelves
  • Children’s furniture
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