AkzoNobel's 3D color visualization tool

Interpon’s Innovative 3D Color Visualization Tool 

New digital solution from Interpon helps customers bring colors to life

AkzoNobel Powder Coatings has innovated a new web application 3D color visualization tool within its Interpon webshop. This tool is designed to aid customers in comprehending how a powder coating’s color, texture, and finish, which might seem promising in theory, would actually manifest in reality. 

With this advanced tool, customers have instant access to thousands of colors in the Interpon range. The unique incorporation of a 360-degree dynamic camera combined with simulated lighting allows users to achieve a realistic perspective on how the color comes to life. This degree of accuracy and realism in a virtual environment was previously unthinkable. 

The true beauty of this innovation is that the image isn't just static or 'flat'. Users can adjust the orientation of the 'virtual' panel to witness the light reflection and perceive the color from varied angles. This grants a genuine sense of how surfaces coated with specialized finishes or metallic effects will truly appear. The platform even permits the simultaneous viewing of multiple colors, differing gloss levels, and a variety of surface finishes. This ensures that customers can make a well-informed choice without the hassle of ordering a sample and then awaiting its arrival. 

Remco Maassen van den Brink, the Marketing Director of AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, proudly states that this new addition is in line with the company's mission of always keeping its clientele a stride ahead. He remarks, “Through our relentless drive for innovation, we aim to empower our customers in their journey with powder coatings. We've made it our mission to introduce functional, user-friendly digital utilities that are available round the clock.”

He further adds, “Having forged strong partnerships with our patrons and conducted extensive market research, we grasp the profound significance of selecting apt colors and textures. It is for this reason we offer a plethora of color choices and have pioneered this unmatched solution to inspire our customers, ensuring they make the right decisions at all times.” 

Echoing these sentiments, Pim Koeckhoven, the Director of Color Technology at AkzoNobel, mentions that this is just a glimpse of the ongoing efforts to digitally transform the customer interface. He elaborates, “The precision and quality of our digital product representations provide our customers with a new dimension in color experience. After years of collaborating with scholarly circles and tech affiliates, we've reached an unprecedented milestone. And rest assured, more such innovations are on the horizon.” 

Developed in partnership with Dutchworkz, this 3D visualization tool is accessible on the Interpon webshops in Europe and North America. Moreover, it's compatible across a spectrum of major platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. 

For those keen on delving deeper, you can learn more by visiting https://www.interpon.com/gl/article/webshop.

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