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Interpon W. Without limits: Exceptional finishes for heat-sensitive substrates

The Interpon W product range is engineered to bring new possibilities to the world of powder coatings. Specialized for heat-sensitive substrates such as wood, plywood, OSB, and outdoor plastic composites, Interpon W enables these materials to be coated and cured at lower temperatures, all within minutes. This innovation is designed to prevent substrates from bending, melting, or deteriorating during the coating process. The range offers a wide selection of vibrant colors and finishes, allowing for enhanced product differentiation in the market. Plus, with a streamlined, efficient application process, Interpon W isn't just elevating the quality of your products; it's also designed to optimize your production process. Trust Interpon W to deliver both aesthetic appeal and robust protection, purpose-built for commercial and industrial applications. 

Products in this range

Interpon W Core is a range of ultra-low bake (ULB) powder coatings, meticulously designed for heat sensitive substrates such as Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) and other composite materials. Employing a variety of technologies—including epoxy, epoxy-polyesters, and pure polyesters—this range is tailored for both interior and exterior applications. Whether used as a topcoat or primer, Interpon W Core offers a selection of finishes designed to provide high levels of protection and style to your products, all while maintaining the integrity of the substrate. 

Interpon W Flex Pro is a range of radical cure low bake powder coatings, designed specifically for challenging interior and exterior applications. This unique formulation is engineered for heat-sensitive substrates like natural wood, MDF, plywood, OSB, and other composite materials. Suitable for high-speed thermal curing processes, it can be utilized as either a topcoat or primer. Interpon W Flex Pro stands out with market-leading features, including anti-yellowing, UV weathering stability, and gloss retention. This makes it an exceptional choice for applications demanding enduring aesthetic quality and robust protection. 

Utilizing advanced UV technology, Interpon W Fast significantly shortens processing times for both interior and exterior products. This range is designed for high thermal sensitive materials and substrates, such as natural wood, MDF, plywood, OSB, outdoor durable MDF, outdoor plastic composites, marine grade plywood, and heat sensitive metal components. Thanks to its low processing time and curing temperature, it is a perfect solution for high-speed production needs. Beyond efficiency, Interpon W Fast also excels in performance, offering anti-yellowing, UV weathering stability, and gloss retention features—ensuring products not only process faster but maintain enduring aesthetic and functional quality. 

Interpon W Fast Pro takes powder coating efficiency to a new level. Crafted for demanding applications, this range is engineered to cure incredibly quickly under low temperatures. It’s the ideal solution for industries that require both rapid production and exceptional quality. Suited for substrates like natural wood, MDF, outdoor plastics, and heat-sensitive metals, Interpon W Fast Pro is designed to keep up with your fast-paced operations without sacrificing the durability, appearance, or quality of the finish, helping professionals meet tight schedules while delivering superior results. 

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