Colorful Brake Caliper in Wheel

Enhancing brake caliper design with Interpon A1243

AkzoNobel Powder Coatings adds color, style and performance to brake caliper design

Color expertise is at the heart of a new range of Interpon A1243 powder coatings to protect and enhance brake calipers, giving traditional and Electric Vehicle (EV) automotive manufacturers the style they demand matched with superior levels of mechanical performance for life out on the road.

With automotive OEMs leaning towards larger wheels for certain models and a more ‘open’ design, brake calipers have become style accessories in their own right. Accent colors and finishes – especially bright yellows and reds but also electric blues and greens with metallic pigments and other special effects – are particularly on trend, and especially popular for more sporting brand.

Manufacturers of EVs – which require larger and more heavy-duty brake calipers and associated components to accommodate the vehicle’s increased power – are also turning this to their advantage, making the calipers a feature of their design. This is especially true of the higher-end models, where the colors, finishes and styles of the brake calipers are chosen to be in harmony with the overall design of the car, and offer a seamless connection with the brand.

Colors within the Interpon A1243 powder coatings range are driven by and matched to the designs and style demanded by automotive OEMs. Bespoke colors can also be made to order to complement body colors and trim.

In terms of performance, the single coat Interpon A1243 combines superior mechanical properties with excellent protection against corrosion, chemicals (e.g. gasoline, brake fluid etc), and brake dust, keeping the calipers easier to clean and looking better for longer. The powder coating also offers resistance to chips and general wear and tear, as well as specific protection against UV light that stems from the wheels’ size and design.

Gustavo Carvalho, Automotive Global Segment Director says that the innovation behind the new range is significant: “OEMs demand high performance and protection against brake dust and harsh chemicals and oils that brake calipers are subjected to. That’s standard. But what they also want is color and style, and that’s where our true innovation and experience counts, working in partnership with the OEMs and going the extra mile with coatings that combine exceptional appearance with the tough, durable finish for life on the road.

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