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New Resicoat EV powder coatings range for Electric Vehicles

AkzoNobel has launched a new range of Resicoat EV powder coatings to protect the battery system and electrical components of a new generation of electric vehicles (EVs)

The future success of EVs is dependent on the performance of the battery and associated systems. Battery performance, however, is highly impacted by its environment, which is why it needs protection to ensure the vehicle’s performance and the safety of the passengers. Powder coatings can improve the performance of the battery by providing insulation from electric current and protection against corrosion. This means manufacturers can extend battery life, and ensure the battery performs better for longer.

Each of the five product ranges developed within the Resicoat EV range has been specifically innovated to enhance the safety and performance of the EVs of tomorrow. They have superior electrical insulating properties and enhanced thermal management to help protect the battery systems, motors, and electrical storage units.

The range comprise Resicoat EVpack which delivers a range of protective properties for the battery pack or housing to insulate electrical systems; Resicoat EVcell which provides outstanding cell to cell electrical insulation for even the most intricate designs; and Resicoat EVcooling, designed to deliver superior performance in thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, edge coverage and consistent film building in cooling tube and cooling plate applications.

It also includes Resicoat EVbusbar to coat the busbars that carry and distribute electricity to improve heat dissipation and support a lower fire load with a longer lifetime during thermal impact. To protect the electric motor, the Resicoat EVmotor range includes epoxy powder solutions that are specifically designed for the electrical insulation of hairpin stators.

Key solutions within the Resicoat EV range are tested and approved to UL 94 V-0 which enables vehicle systems to tolerate a certain amount of exposure to a flame without igniting. They’re also tested and approved to UL746B and UL1446, ensuring they can resist thermal degradation and possible damage that can occur at elevated temperatures.

Sustainability is a significant driver in the popularity of EVs and similarly important to AkzoNobel. Crucially, the guaranteed durability of the Resicoat EV range in protecting essential components means those components last longer before needing to be replaced. Resicoat powder coatings have very minimum Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and conform to the industry’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive, to give coaters and customers ultimate peace of mind.

Jeff Jirak, Managing Director at AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, says innovation is the key to accelerating the future EVs: “For more than 60 years we have built the expertise and innovation inherent with our Resicoat brand to help resolve the challenge of electrical insulation. We understand how an exceptional powder coating with the right application technique will provide consistent electrical insulation for the life of the key components, such as the batteries in EVs,” he explains.

“It’s further proof of our commitment to supporting our customers through partnerships and product development to create, power and protect the designs of the future.”

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