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Hybrid Technology

Understanding hybrid technology in powder coatings

Hybrid technology in powder coatings is a unique blend of epoxy and polyester. At Interpon, we utilize this combination to produce coatings primarily intended for interior use. The merging of these two materials culminates in a hybrid solution that exhibits enhanced mechanical and chemical resistance compared to standard polyester coatings. These epoxy-polyester hybrids also offer a superior finish quality and provide adequate corrosion protection. Still, due to their limited UV resistance, they are not recommended for outdoor applications. This blend of characteristics makes hybrid technology a well-regarded choice for decorative coatings in indoor settings. 


Advantages of hybrid powder coatings


Hybrid powder coatings offer numerous benefits, particularly in terms of their application and performance: 

  • High Quality Finish: These coatings provide a superior finish resulting in a smooth and polished appearance particularly suitable for appliances and furniture. 
  • Robust Resistance: Hybrids Epoxy-Polyester coatings offer improved color, UV-light and heat stability compared to pure epoxy coatings 
  • Corrosion Protection: Hybrid coatings offer commendable protection against corrosion, prolonging the lifespan of the coated objects. 
  • Versatility: Their flexibility allows for effective coating on a wide array of surfaces, proving them to be a versatile solution.


Related products


Get to know our range of products that leverage the epoxy-polyester hybrid technology:

  • Interpon 700: Wide range of colors, gloss levels, textures and metallic finishes. 
  • Redox Active: An innovation in corrosion protection, priming your surfaces for long-lasting effects.
  • Interpon W200 and W2000: Ultra low bake powder coatings especially designed for heat sensitive substrates such as Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or other composite materials for interior applications.
  • Automotive primers (Epoxy/Polyester hybrid products from Interpon A4700, A4701, A4710, A4711 ranges): Wheel primers specifically designed to bring the best of corrosion, chemical and mechanical resistance and aesthetic appeal. 
  • Interpon ACE Primer Plus: The primer you can trust for top-notch adhesion and corrosion protection for Agriculture and Construction Equipment parts. 


Each product incorporates the benefits of hybrid technology to meet varied customer needs. Explore the innovative solutions from Interpon that cater to your specific requirements.

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