Interpon Redox Plus: durable protection for multiple substrates and pre-treatment methods

Looking for superior performance and excellent barrier protection in any kind of situation? Interpon Redox Plus can be used on multiple substrates and on surfaces with chemical or mechanical pre-treatment.

Its barrier effect protection technique isolates the substrate from its environment with a water and airproof barrier coating.

As our most versatile primer, it can be used on wide variety of substrates in surfaces with chemical or mechanical pre-treatment.

Key benefits of Interpon Redox Plus are
  • Strong protection against corrosion and rust
  • Extra tough and durable – high resistance to damage
  • Ease of application: spray as conventional powder coatings
  • Offers a smooth finish to different substrates
  • Systems available for both porous and non-porous metal substrates
  • Designed for use with chemical and mechanical pre-treatment
  • Can be used as holding primer
  • Compatible with a wide range of topcoats
  • VOC-free, solvent-free, and zinc-free 


The right powder solution for every project

Interpon Redox Plus primers have proven their sound corrosion protection performance with over 25 years of track records across the globe.

Examples include steel gates, outdoor furniture, electrical cabinets, fencing, sliding gates, galvanized substrates, gas stations, agricultural equipment, steel door and lifts.

Find the best Interpon Redox Plus system for your product's environment.

​Supporting Documents
Interpon Redox Plus Flyer
Interpon Redox Plus TDS

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