Interpon Redox Three-layer: a protective three-layer system for highly corrosive environments

Looking for an extremely protective three-layer system for highly corrosive environments? Interpon Redox Three-layer is the answer.

Interpon Redox Three-layer system combines zinc rich primer Interpon Redox PZ (cathodic protection) with the barrier-protective primer Interpon Redox Plus – finished with the Interpon topcoat of your choice. It is intended mainly to protect steel objects that are pre-treated through grit or shot blasting and is ideal for environments with high humidity or salinity, up to C5 level.

Key benefits of Interpon Redox Three-layer
  • Ultra-strong corrosion protection performance up to category C5 environments
  • Combination of barrier and cathodic protection
  • Ideal for high-humidity and high salinity environments
  • Excellent edge coverage
  • Compatible with a wide range of topcoats
  • VOC-free, solvent-free
The right powder solution for every project

Interpon Redox Three-layer system have proven their excellent corrosion protection performance across the globe.  Few of our showcase projects as America’s Cup Building, Spain’s Veles-e-Vents have used Interpon Redox Three-layer.

Other examples include cable cars & chair lifts, swimming areas, steel window frames, wind turbines, chemical plants and heavy industries.

Find the best Interpon Redox Three-layer system for your product's environment.

Supporting Documents
Interpon Three-layer Flyer
Interpon Three-layer TDS

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