Product Applications - Interior

Suitable for interior decoration to protect the building due to its high surface hardness and good chemical resistance. Therefore, it can be applied to a wide range of applications.
E - Epoxy powder is with solid color film with high abrasion and various chemicals resistance .  E powder coatings suitable for interior articles such as furniture, office equipment, auto parts, etc. 

M – Hybrid with Epoxy and Polyester resin, suitable for interior.  This series can withstand higher baking temperatures or longer curing times than predetermined with the shade unchanged from the original. M keeps the paint film smooth and resistant to water. It is also with detergent and resistant to ultraviolet radiation. 
S – Hybrid with Epoxy and Polyester, suitable for interior with varied degree of gloss.  It can be used with both Electro and Tribo electrostatic guns

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Product Applications - Exterior
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