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Energy Saving Powder Coatings

How Interpon helps save energy

Every organization today is continually striving to be more efficient and sustainable, to reduce the energy they consume, the waste they create, and minimize their impact on the environment.


Energy-saving improvements  


Saving energy and improving sustainability can be achieved through the small, incremental adjustments an organization makes in its production processes, and the types of powder coating it uses. 


Spotlight on Interpon powder coatings 


Saving energy starts with the products you use. Our constant desire to innovate has led to the evolution of a new generation of powder coatings that can cure at lower temperatures, reducing the energy you need, or achieve outstanding results in a single coat, minimizing the processes required and the energy consumed. 

Our Technical Service team can help you to better understand how and where energy is being consumed, and whether it is being used efficiently. Working with Interpon helps customers optimize every stage of their coating process, from initial pre-treatment, through to curing and drying, to reduce avoidable heat and energy loss and maximize process efficiency.


The benefits of energy saving powder coatings 


Every degree of temperature in your curing oven is adding to the amount of energy you consume. Using low-bake powder coatings enables you to either cure at lower temperatures or improve the curing speed, thus reducing the amount of energy you need. 

Interpon’s low energy (Low-E) and High Reactivity (HR) ranges of powder coatings are specifically designed to reduce the energy consumed in the coating process. 

  • Interpon 610 Low-E is a powder coating that enables curing temperatures to be reduced by 30°C, and in doing so cut energy consumption by as much as 20%. Alternatively, it can improve your coating line productivity, curing up to 25% faster compared to a ‘standard’ powder coating. 
  • Interpon ACE Low-E is similar to Interpon 610 Low-E but specifically designed for Agricultural and Construction Equipment. It’s a lower energy powder coating topcoat that delivers corrosion protection when combined with a primer in ACE applications. 
  • Interpon 700 HR is designed specifically to deliver improved color, UV-light and heat stability in a hybrid epoxy/polyester powder coating that requires a lower curing temperature or shorter curing schedule than a standard powder coatings. 
  • As well as our Low-E and HR ranges, Interpon has also developed powder coatings that can achieve a high level of durability and performance but in a single coat: Interpon Redox One Coat is a corrosion protection solution that requires just a single coat to deliver optimum performance in a range of challenging environments. No primer or topcoat are required, reducing the application process and the energy required. Free from solvents and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), everything about a powder coating, its application and performance contributes to a lower carbon footprint.


Get specialist, energy-saving support 


If you would like further advice on how to make the most out of our products and your processing lines, from optimizing the oven cure through to the balancing of the oven temperature, speak to one of AkzoNobel’s Technical Service teams

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