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Interpon helps ZOOMLION to mix it with the best

Interpon Powder Coatings help ZOOMLION to mix it with the best

Interpon powder coatings have been protecting agricultural and construction equipment (ACE) from the damaging effects of the weather, and the corrosive impact of diesel and other chemicals, for more than half a century. 

So when ZOOMLION, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cement mixers, was looking to make the switch from a liquid to a powder coating, they turned to Interpon – and its shared commitment to innovation and sustainability – to keep them ahead of the competition. 

ZOOMLION was quick to recognize the value of powder coatings in not only being free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), but also in removing the costs of managing harmful waste and the tax levied on VOC emissions, and reducing their carbon footprint. 

A global company with more than 60 years of technological innovation, ZOOMLION has built a strong reputation as a leading designer and developer of construction equipment, capable of producing more than 25,000 concrete mixers each year. 

In 2018, the company started an ongoing project to build an advanced manufacturing center at Yuanjiang, China. As part of the new facility, it wanted to include a powder coating line; an essential part of establishing that new line was the support of the Interpon team. 

“The timeline was very tight,” says Deng Jianqun, Production Manager at ZOOMLION. “AkzoNobel was very efficient and provided us with highly professional technical support and advice, working with us to establish a new coating line and conducting line trials in a very short time frame.” 

In terms of specific products, ZOOMLION uses the Interpon ACE Primer and ACE 1000 topcoat which is both easy and fast to apply and combines a highly durable finish with superb edge coverage. This was especially important to ZOOMLION, since even the smallest sign of corrosion impacts the appearance of the overall machine. 

Interpon ACE 1000 is highly resistant to fading, abrasion and diesel spills, maintaining its color integrity for longer. The adhesion, durability, flexibility and impact resistance of the powder coating exceeds the stringent industry standards placed upon the ZOOMLION team. 

Deng adds: “The anti-corrosion and weathering performance means the cement mixers remain rust free and keep performing for longer, which adds value to our customers. The Interpon ACE 1000 product also delivers a better looking, higher quality finish than a liquid coating on the mixer. That excellent appearance reflects the quality which is at the heart of our business.” 

As for the future, once the new manufacturing center is completed and at full capacity it will be producing more than 25,000 machines every year, placing even greater demand on the powder coating line. Interpon will be with ZOOMLION every step of the way. 

“AkzoNobel is supporting our ambitions to be sustainable, innovative and global,” Deng concludes, “and using Interpon has helped us to become the environment protection pioneer in the market.”

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