Interpon D X-Pro range with improved scratch resistance technology

Now there is a new improved technology in the Interpon D range for scratch and mar resistance. Interpon D X-Pro significantly minimizes scratches during handling, transportation, and assembly of coated pieces.

Interpon D X-ProInterpon D X-Pro protects profiles during handling, transport, and assembly ensuring the superior finish. Thanks to its toughness compared to standard coatings, your assets retain their great looks for many years to come.

Interpon D X-Pro technology allows you to reduce reject rates in production and minimize touch-up requirements on site.

Key Features of Interpon D X-Pro
  • A range of 10 satin and matt products, in popular dark colors
  • Available in standard durable (Interpon D1036) and superdurable (Interpon D2525) polyester
  • Up to 25 years project guarantee for Approved Applicators
  • Up to 5 years Florida test (AAMA 2604)
  • Maintenance friendly

X-Pro technology is designed to protect coated surfaces with improved ‘mar scratch resistance’.  The enhanced gloss retention and scratch resistance of Interpon D X-Pro have been verified using the industry-standard Martindale Test*.

Martindale Scratch Resistance test:

Marring is the term used to describe superficial surface imperfections such as fine surface scratches, generally caused by something abrasive and characterized by shallow damage, typically spoiling the appearance of a coated surface. Martindale test equipment simulates various kinds of marring with its rotating discs.

*Testing has been performed under laboratory conditions and is for guidance only. Actual performance will depend on the individual circumstances in which the product is used.​

Supporting Documents
Interpon D X-Pro Flyer

“Give your assets Extra Protection, with new Interpon D X-Pro.” 
Proven performance

Interpon D powder coatings meet the demanding weathering requirements of leading industry specifications:

  • Qualicoat Class 1 and Class 2
  • GSB Standard and Master
  • AAMA 2603 and 2604
  • BS EN 12206

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