Powder coating design: Interpon STF

Interpon STF powder coatings enable designers to make powder coated aluminium substrates look like wood or other substrates. 

This design feature is achieved using printed films and sublimation technology. Interpon STF powder coatings are available in standard or super-durable technologies that meet Qualicoat* Class 2, GSB* Master and AAMA 2604 quality requirements. Interpon has partnerships with major suppliers of printed films globally.

  • Powder coated aluminium that looks like wood or other material
  • Environmentally friendly alternative for many materials; no solvent emissions
  • Matt and textured finish available
  • Design flexibility; provides excellent edge-coverage on conventional and multi-faceted pieces
  • Partnerships with major film suppliers
  • Consistent quality between parts
  • Supported with 25 years of warranty
  • Supported with EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)
Supporting Documents

Decoration Powder Coatings Brochure