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Functional Powder Coatings 

When protection defines your success

Some critical environments need powder coatings with superior levels of protection that perform in the most challenging conditions. From the largest pipelines under the ocean, to the intricate battery systems in an electronic vehicle, AkzoNobel’s proven range of bespoke Resicoat functional powder coatings deliver superior levels of protection in critical environments, where failure to any degree is simply not an option and coating performance defines success.

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Exceptional performance 

Our powder coatings can be relied upon to perform safely and efficiently wherever a product, structure or system is being challenged. 
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Constant innovation 

Needs and environments change, and we change with them, utilizing our global R&D teams to continually innovate better coatings for new challenges, big or small. 
Proven reliability icon

Proven reliability 

Our powder coatings and expert advice help protect critical infrastructure and critical components to enable companies, industries and countries to drive transformational change.
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Commitment to sustainability

We create sustainable powder coatings and relationships, placing our sustainability ambitions at the forefront of everything we do.

Application areas

Electric vehicle powder coated battery

Switch to an electric future


The future is electric, and we’re developing coatings that support the innovators of next generation technologies used to power the world’s most advanced electronic vehicles (EVs).

Electric insulation example

Explore the Resicoat ranges 

An extensive range of products designed to meet the bespoke needs of your market and your customers. 

Hairpin stator

Unlimited applications 

  • Resicoat functional powder coatings are providing the highest levels of protection to the products that our world relies upon 
  • Protecting oil, gas and petrochemical pipelines from chemicals and corrosion 
  • Ensuring the safe and efficient performance of deep-water pipelines up to 3,000 meters below sea level 
  • Providing a smooth and sealed surface to the valves and fittings that regulate the flow of clean drinking water and gas in modern distribution networks 
  • Insulating rotors and stators to keep vehicles and electronics running safely and smoothly 
  • Delivering the ultimate insulation to busbars and other electronic infrastructure our next generation of e-mobility rely upon 
  • Giving the lamination stacks used in small motors and metal bars used in electronic distribution systems the insulating properties required 
  • Insulating small components such as capacitors and magnetic cores 
  • Providing the highest levels of corrosion resistance for reinforced steel to ensure building safety

Need help choosing?

Our experts have been collaborating with people like you for more than half a century, and now we’re focused on your future. Speak to one of our talented team and tap into our research to ensure you always understand how Resicoat powder coatings help protect critical infrastructure and critical components.

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