Interpon D2525 Anodic III – Metallic finish Architectural powder coatings

An attractive range of matt and metallic effect finishes providing a great alternative to anodised aluminium.

Collection Anodic colors are supplied in Interpon D2525 super durable polyester technology to give long service life.

  • Matt metallic powder coatings
  • Superdurable performance
  • Easy repair of coating damage during fabrication or installation
  • Supported with an extended guarantee
  • Minimal environmental impact compared to real anodising
  • Supported with EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)
  • All finishes available for BIM download

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Supporting Documents

Interpon D2525 Anodic III Color Card

Tale of the Tape

  Anodising Powder Coating
Chemical Resistance Very susceptible to acidic and alkali pollutants. Low resistance to mortar and iron oxide. Higher rate of erosion in highly industrial areas Generally good resistance to acid, alkalis but care must be taken when using brick cleaners. Chlorinated hydrocarbons and ketones should be avoided
Finish Consistency Difficult to control colour consistency between batches, heavy/light extrusions, extrusion vs sheet profiles. Standards allow for large colour variation Colour consistency can be controlled using 1 batch of powder and consistent application method (automatic)
Fabrication Welding joints are very difficult to anodise and creates significant colour variation. Curved panels also problematic Good adherence and colour consistency on welds. Bare metal edges need to be sealed in hazardous environments
Environment Acid intensive process. High energy consumption to maintain electrolytic tanks. High water usage. Cobalt classified as carcinogenic Solvent free application process. No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) or heavy metals used in formulation. 95% recyclable during application
Substrate Cost Aluminium grade must be of high quality as imperfections will otherwise be visible- Higher reject rates- added cost Coating thicknesses of > 50microns enable substrate imperfections to be hidden
Repair Once scratched anodising cannot easily be repaired Powder coatings can be rectified using a primer and a 2 pack Polyurethane (PU) 
Cost (3mm solid aluminium panel)  Can have significantly higher applied cost. Cost per m2 varies between £200-£400/m2. Dependant on quality and shade. Typical
applied cost of between £90-£130/m2