Interpon Redox PZ: high performing powder primer for corrosion protection over blasted steel

Looking for corrosion protection over blasted steel? Interpon Redox PZ is the best performing powder primer.

Interpon Redox PZ provides durable cathodic protection enriched with a barrier effect. It is a cost effective combination that enables safe operation for grounded and submerged metal structures. This primer is ideal for harsh environments or areas where components can be subject to mechanical damages.

The two-layer system consists of a zinc-rich primer overcoated with an Interpon topcoat of choice. It is specifically designed to protect surfaces pre-treated through grit or shot blasting, and it offers a more aesthetic and defect-free finish than other metal zinc protection systems.

Interpon Redox PZ

Key benefits of Interpon Redox PZ
  • Cathodic protection
  • Excellent corrosion prevention up to C5 environments
  • Best performing powder primer for corrosion protection over blasted steel
  • Zinc-rich epoxy powder primer
  • Aesthetic, defect-free finish
  • Suitable for mechanical pre-treatment: shot / grit blasting
  • Compatible with wide range of topcoats
  • VOC-free, solvent-free


The right powder solution for every project

Interpon Redox PZ primers come with proven strong corrosion protection performance in over 30 years of track records across the globe.
Examples include gas cylinders, LPG tanks, security elements, playgrounds, outdoor furniture, bus shelters and elevators.

Find the best Interpon Redox PZ system for your product's environment.

Looking for a Redox PZ Coater?

Choosing the right coater for the job can be a very difficult decision, our Redox PZ approval scheme can help.​

Supporting Documents
Interpon Redox PZ Flyer
Interpon Redox PZ TDS

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