Service First - A Network of Quality Coaters

Choosing the right coater for the job can be a very difficult decision, that’s why AkzoNobel have a network of coaters that are recommended to apply Interpon Powder Coatings and Cromadex Wet Paint systems.
Established in 2006, Service First is a network of quality coaters located across the UK. Regularly audited by AkzoNobel, these coating companies are Service First Associates who apply AkzoNobel coatings for a wide range of customers who demand a high quality finish across all industry sectors.
Working to exacting, recognised and documented standards, the association offers a comprehensive range of coating capabilities and expertise on a variety of substrates, pre-treatments and both powder and liquid systems, to ensure quality and value.

Benefits of Using Quality Coatings and Coaters

Coatings are used both to protect and to decorate metal. 

  • A high-quality, well-applied coating can protect a substrate for up to 25 years before new application is required – important for monumental buildings and structures such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

  • Service First Associates are quality coaters with access to the coating ranges of AkzoNobel, the world’s largest coatings producer.

  • The color choice is unlimited, as are the effects available, from 2-tone shades to soft-touch, anti-graffiti and pearlescent finishes – in both liquid and powder coatings.

  • Our Extra Life system offers life expectancies of up to 25 years on both Powder and Liquid coatings.

A job well done is a job that doesn’t need to be re-done

  • A job done by a quality coater is one you can trust to keep your customer happy for years to come.

  • Anyone can paint metal and have it look good for a short while. But what happens when it rains, when salt and grit get sprayed onto it, or when a shopping trolley hits it?

  • Our quality coaters work to strict standards. They have the right surface preparation, and the right coating techniques.​

Please find here the current list of Service First Associates.