Interpon Low-E: Low cure polyester powder coating

Interpon Low-E (Low Energy) is a collection of Interpon polyester powder coatings that can be cured more efficiently than conventional polyester ranges.

Low E StampInterpon Low-E supports you in improving coating efficiency and reducing your ecological footprint. It is available in smooth texture with gloss, satin or matt finishes, and in coarse texture.

The Low-E collection is designed to reduce the curing temperature or curing time, without sacrificing the quality and properties of the coating. Low-E is often known as low bake in     the market. It has a curing schedule of between 150 and 170°C, from 8 - 40 minutes. By using this range, you will be able to reduce your energy consumption and / or increase the   productivity of your application process. Not only will this contribute to lower costs but also improve your ecological footprint.

 Low-E technology is available in two different ranges as Interpon 610 Low-E and Interpon Coarse Texture Low-E.

Interpon 610 Low-E offers great benefits:
  • Fast curing for increased line productivity
  • Anti-gassing technology for easy release of gases from porous substrates
  • No blooming effect
  • Easy to apply, excellent coverage
  • 50 products in RAL colors with gloss, satin or matt finish available from our Ready to Ship (RTS) range
  • Seasonal N2000I Super Gold color, Ready to Order (RTO)
  • Other colors can be developed on request


Benefits of Interpon Coarse Texture Low-E:
  • Uniform coarse texture effect
  • Enhanced coverage across the entire substrate
  • Easy to apply
  • Greater energy efficiency; environmentally friendly
  • 46 RAL shades available from our Ready to Ship (RTS) range

We recommend the use of our low cure primer Interpon Redox Plus AL258F in combination with our Low-E product offerings.

Interpon Low-E products are suitable for both interior and exterior environments. They offer outstanding light and weather resistance on a variety of substrates.

Supporting Documents
Interpon 610 Low E Color Card
Interpon Coarse Texture Low-E Color Card

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