Interpon Redox Triplex: a protective three-layer system for highly corrosive environments

Looking for an extremely protective three-layer system for highly corrosive environments? Interpon Redox Triplex is the answer.

The three-layer Interpon Redox Triplex system combines zincrich primer Interpon Redox PZ (cathodic protection) with the barrier-protective primer Interpon Redox Plus – finished with the Interpon topcoat of your choice. It is intended mainly to protect steel objects that are pre-treated through grit or shot blasting and is ideal for environments with high humidity or salinity, up to C5 level.

Key benefits of Interpon Redox Triplex 
  • Ultra-strong corrosion protection performance up to category C5 environments
  • Combination of barrier and cathodic protection
  • Ideal for high-humidity and high salinity environments
  • Excellent edge coverage
  • Compatible with a wide range of topcoats
  • VOC-free, solvent-free
The right powder solution for every project

Interpon Redox Triplex primers have proven their excellent corrosion protection performance across the globe.  Few of our showcase projects as America’s Cup Building, Spain’s Veles-e-Vents have used Interpon Redox Triplex.

Other examples include cable cars & chair lifts, swimming areas, steel window frames, wind turbines, chemical plants and heavy industries.

Find the best Interpon Redox Triplex system for your product's environment.

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