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The Interpon experience

Step into the world of Interpon, where innovative solutions meet expert knowledge in powder coatings. As industry frontrunners, we're committed to offering tailored solutions and fostering collaborations for success.

Join the powder revolution 

Dive into the heartbeat of Interpon. A revolution in powder coatings is unfolding, driven by ceaseless innovation, bright new colors, finishes, and better ways of working. Our emphasis? Sustainable practices, forging meaningful partnerships, and staying ahead, for and with you. Join the Powder Revolution with Interpon.

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Why choose Interpon?

Explore the Interpon difference: with our unwavering commitment to solutions, a spirit of collaboration, and a forward-thinking approach, discover how we redefine the boundaries in the world of powder coatings.

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Unlock the power of powder

Wondering about the benefits of powder coatings? Learn why making the switch to powder is the next big leap in sustainable, efficient, and top-tier finishes.

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