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Our ambition: True sustainability

Pioneering sustainable coatings for a better tomorrow 

Our commitment to sustainability is the engine driving our innovation in powder coatings. We harness our expertise in powder coatings to create solutions that don't just look good, but also do good for the environment. Our strategy revolves around reducing energy and material consumption, cutting down on carbon emissions and VOCs, and minimizing waste. Furthermore, we are steadily increasing our use of renewable energy sources and sustainable materials. 

Our goal is straightforward: to create tangible sustainability benefits for our customers. Our powder coatings are a testament to this commitment. They’re free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), optimize resources by minimizing waste, and stand the test of time with their durable, superdurable, and hyperdurable attributes. But we don’t stop at the surface; our primers pack a punch, fighting corrosion head-on, offering an additional protection.  

Dive deep into our commitment, where we strike the perfect balance between aesthetics, durability, and environmental responsibility.

Our powder coatings' sustainable benefits

Dive into the core of what makes our powder coatings products a sustainable choice. We've categorized the exceptional benefits of our portfolio into six defining sustainability features. From the way we source to the final product you receive, discover how each characteristic can fit into your sustainability needs.

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Reduced energy

Lower temperature or faster curing processes help reduce the energy you consume 
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Increased productivity

Single layer systems, less process steps and faster curing to increase productivity
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Less waste

Choosing a powder coating means using virtually all of the product in the box with near zero waste 
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Reduce, reuse, renew

New technologies help you to reduce your consumption and deliver a right-first-time performance 
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Longer lasting performance

Enhanced levels of durability protect surfaces for longer and make them easier to maintain 
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Reduced carbon footprint

Everything about a powder coating, its application and performance delivers a lower carbon footprint 
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Sustainability at our core

At AkzoNobel, sustainability is integral to our business. We're committed to delivering safer, more sustainable solutions for our customers and communities. We have set bold targets: halving our value chain carbon emissions and more than 50% revenue from sustainable solutions by 2030. Explore our overarching sustainability statement here.

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Unlocking energy efficiency with Interpon

At Interpon, we're committed to help our customers in saving energy. Making simple changes to the production processes, or choice of product can make a big difference on the value and volume of energy consumed. Our innovations in low cure products and single-coat coatings that combine primer and topcoat exemplify our commitment. Explore our Energy Savings page to gauge potential energy reductions. 

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Green Buildings: Leading with transparency and innovation

As the first powder coating brand to secure an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in the architectural industry, Interpon sets the standard. An EPD provides crucial transparency for architects and designers, supporting LEED and BREAAM certification programs to exhibit environmental credentials. It also offers valuable insights for customers striving to reduce their carbon footprint throughout the entire production process. 

EPD underscores Interpon’s unwavering commitment to complete transparency. From the raw materials we source, through the manufacturing process, and all the way to transportation, every aspect associated with creating our products is disclosed, fostering trust and collaboration among all stakeholders. 

Green buildings

Discover the transformative impact of Interpon powder coatings. From the stunning Torre Caleido in Madrid to the Carnegie Teaching and Research Building in Leeds, our coatings have been selected to protect some of the world's most remarkable structures. With our commitment to durability, weatherability, and sustainability, we transform intricate challenges into seamless solutions, creating surfaces that perform in any environment.

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