Liquid paint turns into powder

Why Switch to Powder Coatings? Benefits and Considerations

Why powder?

A powder coating comes in a huge variety of colors and finishes but unlike traditional liquid paints, they are free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which means they are more sustainable and better for the environment.  

Through their durable, superdurable and hyperdurable qualities, they deliver longer-lasting performance, keeping the consistency and integrity of the color and finish for longer without fading, and being highly resistant to chips, scratches and general wear and tear. They can also protect against corrosion and rust, even in the most challenging environments. 

Powder coatings can provide better edge coverage and a more consistent finish than a liquid paint, often in a single coat. They are very quick and easy to apply, requiring less training, which is important in the context of a challenging labor market. It also helps accelerate processing times, improve production volumes, and reduce energy consumption and costs. Typically, powder overspray can be recycled and re-used which means virtually zero waste is created as well as avoiding the cost and hassle of disposing of harmful substances. Continuous innovations like low cure powders and thin film thickness technology are also evidence of how powder coatings are supporting a more sustainable economy.

Why Interpon powder coatings?

Switching can also be made easy by choosing the right partner. If you’re new to powder, our experts will help you understand the investment required and the potential benefits to your bottom line. We will help show you how easy it is to upskill your staff and provide continued support once your new line is up and running. And we will respect your current factory processes to ensure a smooth integration between software and hardware.

Ready to be amazed?

For amazing things to happen, all it takes is a simple switch. 

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