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Interpon Powder Coating Colors

Amazing colors

We have hundreds of popular colors in our range - colors that dazzle and colors that hide, colors that stand out when they need to, or blend in when they don’t. We have colors and shades to reflect moods and environments, and colors that bring a positive energy to all we create. We have textures that are hard or soft to touch and finishes that can make metal look like wood or stone, bringing all the benefits and aesthetic qualities while protecting our natural resources.

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Color innovation

Our colors are innovated from years of experience of our team of color experts at our dedicated Global Aesthetics Center, and decades of ongoing trend research among some of the world’s finest creative minds to ensure you’re always at the cutting edge of contemporary design.

Color matching

Any color you choose can be matched to one of ours with the help of our team of experts and suite of digital tools that can measure color and gloss levels, and the typography of the surface texture.

Colorful facade in green hues

Color of the Year 2024 

Our Color of the Year 2024 is called ’Sweet Embrace’, a delicate shade of soft grey with a hint of violet, and a subtle metallic effect. A color with a gentle optimism that is both understated yet liberating, that brings a sense of stability and peace to our living and working spaces. 


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Color Finder

Innovation in color is the start of the journey we’re travelling on together. 

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Our color cards are your swatch of the latest on-trend palettes and styles to help you choose the right color for your particular project, and an easy way of exploring our range. 

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