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Ceaseless innovation

Driving sustainable innovation in powder coatings

Interpon stands at the forefront of the powder coatings industry. Our focus? Sustainability and quality. Explore the heart of our innovation. 

Product innovation icon

Product innovation

Products that redefine powder coating applications. 
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Color innovation

Always updating to the latest color trends and finishes. 
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Digital innovation

Ensuring 24/7 customer access to our products and services. 
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Innovation in new spaces

Focused on both today's world and the future. 

Pushing boundaries in product innovation

Interpon continuously advances the scope of powder coatings. Our innovative range caters to diverse materials, from wood to plastics. As the electric vehicle sector gains momentum, our coatings evolve to meet its distinct requirements. In the architectural realm, our products excel in delivering durable protection, all while masterfully replicating appearances of materials like metal and stone. This focus underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation. 

Keeping colors relevant and trendy

Interpon is all about innovation in color. With extensive research, we ensure our range of colors, textures, and finishes remain on trend and appealing. Our spectrum includes colors that stand out and those that blend in, meeting diverse needs.

Digital tools for enhanced user experience

Our focus on digital innovation is about making things simpler for our customers. The Interpon app, available on iOS, is a prime example. It offers everything from product information to technical details. For our distributors, there's the Interpon Trade app with added service support. And with tools like the Interpon System Finder and the AkzoNobel Design 2.0 app, we're making the selection process smoother for professionals.

Expanding Innovations in new spaces

Interpon's unwavering commitment to innovation is evident in every facet of our work. We're not just meeting today's needs but anticipating tomorrow's demands. Our coatings now extend to non-metallic materials like plastics and Heat-Sensitive Substrates (HSS). This exploration into novel applications, coupled with our impactful contributions to emerging sectors like electric mobility, showcases our determination to shape the future. 

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