About Powder Coatings

Interpon Powder coatings are safe, clean, economical and eco-friendly

  • Solvent free

  • Reduced risk of fire

  • Lead free

  • Ease of waste disposal

  • No hazardous materials used during clean up

  • No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

  • Contain no toxic heavy metals such as lead or chromium (VI)

  • No paint sludge from spray booth

  • High Application Efficiency; recyclable, up to 99% usage, overspray can be reused

  • Improved productivity

  • One coat system, simple process

  • Can build high film thicknesses easily, up to 150 microns with one coat

  • No costly removal and reprocessing of solvents

  • Highly durable

  • Low carbon footprint

In conclusion, Powder Coatings;

  • Give excellent performance

  • Meet the wide range of global coatings standards

  • Can offer significant cost benefits compared to liquid paints

  • Are safe and sustainable